from by Nick Edelstein



City lights in the distance
across the bay.
Out my window in the Bayview
I saw the day.

Freshwater marsh, saltwater air.
Run my fingers through your hair.
See your small hand, tiny fingers.
Then a smile, through your fingers.

Rest your head upon my arm.
The storm will pass there’s no alarm.
Lightning flashes. Hear no thunder.
I’ll protect you. Feel the rain fall.

And you sit there, at the table
eating your grilled cheese.
You’re the cutest little girl.
You’re the cutest, little girl.

Fly your kite out, on the beach.
In the soft sand, you’re the cutest.
Build your castle, live your kingdom.
Audrey. Little Audrey. A.J.E.
And I love you.
Lyrics ©1997 Nick Edelstein (BMI)


from Ripple, released August 1, 2006




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